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Anthropogenic Stalactites Remix

Anthropogenic Stalactite 2

Using these models, I hoped to convey the struggles that often accompany addiction to gambling and drinking. It is common for the two to occur together and inform one another, which can lead to cyclic behavior. According to researchers, one reason they co-occur is they activate the same area of the brain. However, the environment for gambling also plays a key role because alcohol is prevalent in most of them.

I chose the poker chip and shot glasses of my classmate’s models and reused my heart model to communicate this idea. The poker chips are stacked on top of each other in a semi-circular arrangement that progressively gets lower and lower to the surface of the table, as if in a “downward spiral.” On top of the poker chips, the shot glasses are precariously balanced, as if about to fall over, which mimics how the body responds to excessive drinking. As the chips get lower, the more is gambled away and the closer the shot glass is to falling over, representing total loss of control. Within the shot glass is a heart that symbolizes the reward system that makes addiction so difficult to manage, especially as it spills out of the cup and is no longer enough, resulting in a tolerance.

Initial Idea

Let’s build something together.

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